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Thread: Sick of waiting.

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    Sick of waiting.

    Well, it's been my long standing belief that I was going to wait until I had a full sized, dedicated shop to fill it with tools. With that belief, I've told my wife we don't need to buy new furniture because soon enough we would be buying a house either w/ a shop, or I'd build one in a hurry so I could build our furniture myself.

    Now, it looks like we are at least one more year away from buying a home, and therefore, another year away from a shop to call my own too

    I'm sick of waiting. Really sick. We need some furniture. Don't get me wrong, we have stuff, but its all miss matched stuff that we've made due with, and we are both sick of that. So... the question I give to you all...

    Keep waiting, or get some bench top stuff that I can use in our garage and just continue to share it with the mini van.

    I have some tools already, but really need a planner, jointer and band saw to get cracking on building stuff. With those tools in mind, I think I could modify THIS or even make 2 of them to house everything and not completely take over the garage.

    Mikey just wants to build!!!!!!

    My 2nd question (I think I only asked one so far?) is, are the bench top stuff worth even getting? Will they hold up for my projects? Bed frame, dressers, TV stand? Or am I kidding myself with the hopes of getting things done?

    I anxiously await your input.
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    There are major tools out there that have mobile bases (wheels on them that can be locked in place) like the Ridgid table saw that are what you need for working in a confined space. And they'll be just fine in a dedicated shop also, when you get to that point. Ridgid tools are also rated at or near the top in their price range. I also have a Ridgid jointer which I added locking casters to so I can push it into a corner when it's not in use.

    I don't know about bandsaws - don't have one of those.

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    all of these items were made on benchtop tools. i have a benchtop bandsaw, but it wasn't used much. i have a jointer/planer, a delta 6" model. it can be done!

    its either that, or present your wife with a list of your demands, and ask, "what do you think hon?".
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    That's difficult to answer generally. Personally, I made a big mistake buying a benctop drill press. I could have gotten the same model in a floor stye for little more money and would have a much more versitile unit.
    Is your garage situation to where you could work outside in nice weather? If so, put everything on mobile bases and go into the sun to work.
    That's a tough situation, more space is the only real answer.

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    How about this Mike, look around and buy decent used stuff, in the bench top vein

    Try not to spring for the full new price on these items, and then, if you need to, you can sell them down the road without such a hit on the prices.

    A bench top planer, a portable planer, they are very capable of doing everything you need for the stuff you are wanting to build, just buy decent straight lumber to start with, and you will not need a jointer.

    Spend the money on a good jointer hand plane, this you can use for years and years, and it will joint a nice edge to a board in no time.

    If you feel the need to get a jointer, get a 6" one, again, look for used, there is a lot of guys out there that are selling stuff in these times, a decent 6" jointer on a mobile base takes up little room.

    A 10" bandsaw can be a good investment, you can baby it along and do most stuff, and in the future, you can get a better unit, a larger unit, but keep the 10" bandsaw for scrolling type work.

    one other thought, or two.... Work on your space, that link to the workstation is a good one, but if you are working in a typical garage, you can at least pull the minivan out into the driveway, and work in the space.

    make a long bench along one wall, put your jointer under the bench, when you need it, you can pull it out, when not in use, it sits under the bench, make your 10" bandsaw sit in an alcove in the bench, but leave it on a mobile base, so you can move it out into the center of the workspace for a larger job. Get some outfeed roller stands, they can be used for nearly anything.

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    Make up some of these, with a sheet of plywood, you have an instant assembly table.

    The list goes on and on, if I can do it down in a hole under a building in the middle of Down Town Tokyo, trust me, you can do it where you are
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    Where are you at Mike? If you are close to some with a shop, you migth get the best of both worlds. You get to build and can hold on to your tool allowence for a year.

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    Thanks guys.

    Dan you pretty much sinched it with your pictures. On a side note, you dont by chance have a set of plans for those chairs do you?

    I've considered the large tools on mobile bases, but space is already at a premium in our garage with all the cra...I mean stuff... my wife has me store out there. I have a large bench now and room for the bench top tool storage unit I linked too, so in the end, I think thats going to be my way to go.

    As for getting used stuff, this makes the most sense except that I'm leary I'm going to buy someones garbage and not be happy. Bench top stuff isn't all that spendy to begin with, so I think thats the route I'm most likely to go at this point. I'm just tired of not getting to build stuff, its driving me insane!
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    First off, what is a minivan doing in your shop??? Next thing you'll tell us is that there are yard tools in there too . I would look at some of the "small shop" books, magazine specials or online articles and see if you can get some ideas that will fit your space. If you go with bench top tools try to be very selective and do your homework. there are some good units out there and as Dan shows, they can build some beautiful stuff.

    Another option (which I have used) involves buying specific-life furniture. I bought pieces I would normally not buy because they were cheap, didn't look too bad and I knew I would build to replace them in the foreseeable future.

    This keeps the dream of the shop alive, gets you something to sit on that you aren't too embarrassed by and allows you to build your skills and enjoy your hobby slowly but surely. My coffee table is next on my replacement hit list and LOML already wants my current veneered MDF one for the TV room at her house. It can work.
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    Sounds like you've made up your mind Mike. Only thing I'd offer is to review tools and ask around as to what others are using, makes a big difference in a good deal and just buying cheap stuff. One of the best tools I've bought recently is a Bosch jig saw. I grew up using one of the B&D jig saws that shook your entire body as you were cutting with it. My old B&D went out and I was just planning to buy another cheap one and got to asking around. Boy, let me tell you, there is a difference. Anyway, good luck and don't hesitate to ask questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Grimm View Post
    but space is already at a premium in our garage with all the cra...I mean stuff... my wife has me store out there. I have a large bench now and room for the bench top tool storage unit I linked too, so in the end, I think thats going to be my way to go.
    Hi Mike,

    I've been meaning to post pictures of my shop for a while. I'll try to get some on the site this week. However, it's the third bay of a 3 car garage and is only about 10'x20'. One wall is taken up by shelves for storage, another wall is my workbench. I also keep my lawn tools (lawn mower, weed eater, etc) in there as well as our bikes. Needless to say the 10'x20' space is reduced to about 8'x10' of usable space. Still though I have room for a nice table saw. It's on a movable base so I can move it around as needed. I usually don't move it though. That works well. The miter saw and router/table were purchased new but everything else was purchased used through Craigslist. It's not as nice as having something new but I also don't have a whole lot invested in them. Should I decide to get a new, bigger, band saw in the future I can just list the benchtop I have for free on Craigslist and not really be out anything at all.

    Just my $.02 worth.

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