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Thread: anyone used the bowl "skew"????

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    anyone used the bowl "skew"????

    No, this isn't about somebody using a skew as a bowl scraper, though I've seen it done. I was looking for a new scraper for shear scraping the insides of finish turned bowls--I wanted a powder metal one, but this caught my eye, even though its HSS.
    I currently use a 1/2" HSS scraper that I polish with worn sandpaper, then sharpen & use the Veritas scraper burnisher, which works quite well on the outside to let me start at at least 150-180 if the wood is straight grained, but on the inside of bowls, its easy to go a little too deep because the square edge sometimes catches a little on the tool rest. This sounds like a cool idea, but I want others' feedback first.

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    Got a picture of what you are talking about?

    I use Eli Avisera's bowl scraper, sounds similar to what you are talking about

    Works VERY well, it is often my life saver

    I put a video up >> HERE << of this tool in use

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    Stu, its totally different, but that is very cool, and may also need to go on the tool list as well. How do no negotiate tight curves for inside work? Also, does the Veritas burnisher work with this tool? It is my friend for shear cuts. I'm just using a little 1/2" HSS scraper now, one LH & one RH ground.
    The bowl skew is made by Crown Tools, and is a Dave Hout series tool.

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    BTW, nice video. Looks like that tool is really nice to work with.

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    Nathan, I can't make out the too edge in the picture you posted.. from what I CAN see, it looks a lot like the shallow roughing gouge I have... I sometimes use it as a scraper on the outside of a bowl, though I'm more prone to use the flat scraper I made from an extra skew...(I ground the edge off, ground it flat on the ends and then a slight bevel to give it a cutting edge) Any inside scraping I use my Don Pencil system.. it has several nice scraper cutters that fit on the ends of a variety of bars.
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    Hey Nathan,

    Here are a couple of pics and this is the way that it is used on the lathe.
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    Nathan, I have both sizes and have used them. They are fine for what they were designed to do and not much else. their function is to make that last pass or two on the inside of the bowl. They take off whisper thin curlies and leave a very smooth surface. supposed to be a really simply tool to use, but I feel like it has a pretty good learning curve. Most folks I know that have used it have since returned it or made something else out of it. Not quite sure why I didn't return mine to Woodcraft while I still could. I'll make something out of them one day though.
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