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Thread: Reversible Bowl, Anyone???

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    Reversible Bowl, Anyone???

    This started out just as a bit of a joke but now LOML likes it so much that I guess we are keeping it. She wouldn't let me fill the cracks that appeared after drying because she says she likes the natural look.

    In its normal configuration it sits like this:
    Attachment 31670 Attachment 31671 Attachment 31672 Attachment 31673

    If you turn it upside down to look at the bottom it almost looks like a wierd little footed bowl:
    Attachment 31674 Attachment 31675 Attachment 31676

    We'll decide which side faces up based on the number of Smarties or M&Ms we have to put in it.

    Well I was just playing and didn't expect to end up with much and it was fun to do anyway. I was pleasantly surprised to find some birdseye in it although I don't think it shows up very well in the photos.

    Any comments or suggestions are always appreciated. Thanks for looking!
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    That's pretty slick, Gord. I like the upside down view the best, but both sides make for a neat concept.
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    Now that is different. Good looking bowl. Hey Gord if the wife likes it well in my book that's all the counts.
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    Reversible bowl,anyone

    Hey I like it,looks pretty neat

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    That is a neat idea, I think I'll have to give that a try

    Hey, if your wife likes it, don't argue
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