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Thread: Need to edge join some white Oak

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    Need to edge join some white Oak

    I am building a long desk top and I want the joint to be perfect. The longest plane I have if a #5. Can a shooting board be used to help in joining these boards?
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    I have taken two boards, clamped them together and planed both edges at one time. Got a really good edge with a No. 5

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    don, a 5 will joint just fine, try doing as jeff suggests it works.....tod

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    Hi Don,

    The relationship of length of plane to length of wood is an ideal thing. Techinique is more important, paying attention to lay out, etc.

    Match planing like mentioned above does have pluses and minuses. On the plus side, any deviation of tilting the plane side-to-side produces equal and opposite error, they cancel each other out. That's one plus.

    On the minus side, while jointing, any concavity produced when match planing is doubling the error.

    Some builders go for slight concavity on long tops on purpose in order to create a sprung joint. So having a little isn't a bad thing. Having so much that one has to really screw down the clamps in the center is.

    Take care, Mike
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