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Thread: We have any fisherman here

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    We have any fisherman here

    A few picks from Lake Erie & the C&O canal and the Farm in Va. My friend Phil
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    Hi Dave

    I would love to catch one of those. I prefer fly fishing personally but any fishing will do for me when its possible.

    My ambition is to fly fish for Tarpon and Bone fish off Florida someday. Maybe I will get it right when I am 90.

    Would also like to visit Queen Charlottes lodge up north of British Columbia but thats a 3500 dollar excercise. There they catch wonderful salmon and huge halibut.

    From what i know there are quiet a few fisherman in the family. Seems like woodworking, hunting and fishing go together.

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    Nice catch(es) there Dave. Would like to get up there some time do some fishing in the lakes. Mostly all I get time for is to do some fly fishing with my Dad down in Southern Missouri once or twice per year. Hopefully we'll get the house sold in the next few months and I'll be making more time for that. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Wow Dave, them is some fish!

    I grew up doing a lot of fishing, in creeks, rivers and lakes, we caught a lot of brook trout and fried them up in just butter with salt and pepper!

    Last summer we went to Canada on a family vacation, took the kids fishing in the creek at my uncles property, just sticks with a line, hook and a bit of bread dough........

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    My eldest daughter with some of the fish we caught that day!

    I used to tie my own flies, and did a LOT of lake and river fly fishing.

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    my son Jarrod who works in the shop with a crapie on the 40 acre pond in Va.

    Catchen Helermites

    bass fishing on the C&O canal

    Jacob, Jarrod & me on the farm pond in Va

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    I love to fish. Never had the chance to fish any of the Great Lakes and I have never caught any fish like you have pictured in the first set.

    I am primarily a salt water fisherman but I don't get to go as much as I used to when I had more time and more money. About the only thing I have ever caught on a fly rod in salt water were some big bluefish in the Chesapeake Bay many years ago when we were messing around. I like to catch King Mackerel, Wahoo, cobia, flounder and small trout, spots and croakers.

    In fresh water I used to do a lot of fly fishing for crappie, bream and largemouth bass. I have caught a few bass over 9 pounds with my personal best at 10 1/2 pounds but that was almost 35 years ago. I haven't caught a big bass in a long time.

    The wonderful thing about fishing is that you don't have to catch fish to have a good day. I have had more good days fishing than I have had good days catching fish.
    I may be getting a little older physically but mentally I'm still tarp as a shack.

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    You bet, I just picked up a rain suit today cause I'm sick of waiting..........Just one fish from a recent outing on a local stream. We've gotten about 3 inches of rain in the last week so everything is high and wild. Been thinking about bagging some crappies on a local lake until the streams get wadeable.
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    a snook, a red, and a trout wading first thing in the am on glass flat water. it dont get no better...........

    ps we call that a "bay slam" for you fresh water fellas.

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    Doug , my brother in Sarasota tell me the best way to eat Red, snook and trout is SUSHI, do you agree?

    Love SUSHI

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    have wet a few lines

    been fishun in alaska, northen quebec,ontario many years,the great lakes many inland lakes in the michigan, the gulf coast and the gulf the keys and in missisppii and alabama and few others in the us.. so yup i like fishun too. and for many differnt speicies.
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