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Thread: Another Week end is upon us.

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    Another Week end is upon us.

    Whatcha got going on.
    I'll be in the shop all day tomarrow and after church on sunday, hopefully finish up the drawer on THE BIG Desk. Then I hope to get started on the glueup for the top. Gonna need the help of my son for this one planeing, joining and glueing up two pieces of 4/4 12" wide white oak 9 feet long. It'll be one heavy top.
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    With some luck I'll get some quality shop time this weekend. Last w/e was chaos followed by 2 days with flu-like problems. Maybe I can trim out that last window or two, start on a cabinet for the master bathroom, and maybe, do some more work on the candle stands for church.
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Working on a cabinet job.

    Still working on the ceiling in the shop when time permits

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    Experimenting with finishes. Trying some new combinations for walnut. Got a neat new book "Foolproof Wood Finishing" by Teri Masaschi. It puts things together in an organized way that even this old fool can understand. So I'm doing stains and washcoats and glazes till the cows come home

    The other interesting thing about the book is that it is actually funny in places - first time I've seen that in a book on finishing

    Hopefully I'll have some pics after the weekend is over.

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    Painting cabinet doors, tiling a countertop, maybe start working on a jewelry box and if I can get my scrollsaw fixed, finish work on some birdfeeders I'm making.

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    Get my electrical done so I can turn a few things.

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    I have a basketball game for my boys at 8 a.m. (I'm the coach so I can't miss it). Then its maybe some shop time or clean up of drywall from my lovely Christmas sewer line break. Then possibly a trip to Sears to shop for a new dishwasher.

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