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    Around the World

    A frien I met in India a few year ago sent me this song. Its an oldie but Its astounding at how it is done

    Enjoy it I really did

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    It's definitely a fresh take on an old song.

    When I was in basic training they would play either this song or "Lean on me" across the loud speakers at all hours of the day and night. Sometimes it would really touch you, especially when you didn't think you could take any more.

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    I've seen that one and really like it. It's a great concept and well done. They did several of these and put them together in a DVD. There are several vids listed on YouTube from "Playing for Change".

    Here's one, and you can see others in the "More From" section...
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    That's pretty cool... and not as easy as it looks... not for the musicians, or the sound guys, or the post-production people. Things don't ever "just work", even in controlled environments, much less street scenes. The Bob Marley piece must have been quite a challenge, but they really pulled it off...



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