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Thread: My 'new' knife sure is sharp!

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    My 'new' knife sure is sharp!

    Monday I was trying out the Scorp knife I bought last winter... for cleaning out the bowl of a spoon. the scorp thread...
    well It slipped and drew first blood.

    that's after a few days with a band-aid and neosporin on it.
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    Good job. I'm nursing a fillet-o-thumb following a slide down the edge of a piece of walnut. I shoulda never lost those callouses leftover from my previous life, splitting tractors.
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    I,m still splitting tractors and any day with no skin lost is a good day. Looks to healing fast, but it is never fast enough because you keep bumping it.

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    Sorry aobut your finger Ned! I thought you were going to say you carved that piece in your avatar with it

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    My surgical skin removal of the week was on the edge of my right thumb in the kitchen with a mandoline. Right where I hit the space key on the keyboard. Danged thin-sliced potatoes.

    When I was splitting tractors, I always just used my teeth. No callouses necessary.
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    I think Ned need to spend more time with his tools. First his ts throw wood at him, then the knife bites him. I really hink he better start treating them better and they wont be so angry with him.. Hope the finger gets better.

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    Ned, sorry about the blood letting. Happens in shop.
    Yer 'scorp' isn't what I would call a scorp, but....wats in a name? Looks more like a crooked knife to me. And, yes, that close work like that can get bloody. Consider buying a Kevlar glove lotsa woodcarvers use them.

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