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    Box Elder

    Bowl measures 4-1/2" Diameter x 2-1/4" Deep with 1/8" Wall Thickness throughout.
    Turned using 1/2" Spindle Gouge and 1/4" Round Nose Scraper.
    Finished with 6 coats of Minwax Satin Wipe-On-Poly and polished with Hut Ultra Gloss.

    As always comments and or suggestion appreciated.
    Thanks for looking.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Roughed Out To Four and a Half Diameter X Two and a Quarter Deep (Medium).JPG   Finished Foot With 6 Coats Minwax Poly and Polished (Medium).JPG   Side 180 (Medium).JPG   Side 360 (Medium).JPG   Inside (Medium).JPG  

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    That's real pretty wood, Les. (Box elder is LOML's favorite.) Nice job on the bowl.

    Since you asked for suggestions, I'll say that my preference on bowls is for more rounded sides and a bit smaller foot, but that's a personal opinion. Also, you likely already know this, but many tool manufacturers recommend against using spindle gouges on bowls, as their shanks aren't designed to be strong enough to withstand the forces from a bad catch. I've seen several pics on the web of spindle gouges that were broken off at the handle when used on bowl work. Just be careful out there.
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    Great looking bowl Les. I also like a smaller foot on my bowls. 1/3 of the total diameter. I also agree with the spindle gouge not being used on a bowl. A bowl gouge would be a better choice. My neighbor used a spindle gouge on a bowl and when it snapped on a catch had to make a trip to the emergency room for 13 stitches. Ripped his hand open pretty good. Not trying to scare anyone just telling you what can happen with a catch and the wrong tool.
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