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    Acacia Vase

    A while back I posted this peice when I was roughing it out on my Jet 1220. Well, now its finished (except for buffing it out). 17"x6.5". I put in on the big lathe to hollow it, and used a steady rest. I made a monster type tool to hollow it, but I could only get about a foot deep with the angled cutter on it. I should have made another one with the cutter coming straight out of the end (or drilled and tapped the opposite end of my existing rig for a dual-cool tool) but I ended up cheating and going through the bottom instead, to complete the hollowing. If it wasn't for the depressions the jaws made in the tennon (which I used for the plug) It would have ended up almost invisible. This species of Acacia is pretty light so the piece is quite light in weight. The collar is desert ironwood, of course. I used that big "ship auger" to drill out the center. It is 1.5"dia x17". It cuts through endgrain like butter, and the auger action carries the chips out so there is no binding or clogging. It is a Bosch I got on Amazon for $23. It seems to be a very high quality tool, and the info with it says the tip is hardened to cut through nails and staples. I just don't understand how them Chinese can make it that cheaply
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    A very pretty piece Barry. Nice form.

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    Very nicely done Barry!

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    Wow, that came out looking excellent, Barry. Great work with a beautiful piece of wood.
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    Is "Wow" adequate? Beautiful.
    Yes, augers can be very useful. I get mine at antique shops and use neanderthal style.

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    Very nice Barry, and at 17" tall, I'll bet quite impressive in person.


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    i would say yuu got the most outa of a small lathe barry,,that sure is purdy,,, and like the others said at 17" tall would look sweet in person...
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    That is a beauty. Great work on that piece.
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    Lovely, Barry!
    Not you, the vase.
    Not that you may not be lovely, but.... oh, never mind.
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    That is one gorgeous piece Barry nice work

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