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Thread: My flame boxelder....

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    My flame boxelder....

    I posted earlier about picking up some box elder that had a little flame in it. This is actually the second bowl from one piece... the first bowl was soaked in DNA and is currently drying.... this piece was spun on the lathe at about 1800 rpms for about 30 minutes and then microwaved for about same time... it appears to have dried nicely... I don't have a moisture meter, so have to go by feel... The bowl is about 10" diameter and about 5" high.
    Finished with Watco BB oil and buffed with carnuba.

    It's going to my first show for the season tomorrow... we'll see how it does.
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    Tellico Plains, TN
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    My flame boxelder

    WOW,beautifull wood,you done it proud

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    That's a nice piece of wood, Chuck. Have a great show tomorrow.
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