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Thread: Why I bother to wear a dust mask.

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    Why I bother to wear a dust mask.

    ______Coarse filter collection results from turning a couple of dozen , mostly small items.
    ______100mm close proximity large volume extractor and 9" Expelair running at the same time.
    ______No discernable airborne dust in the shop whilst turning.
    ______Mask also worn whilst cleaning up shavings and floor debris with 100mm extractor and Shop Vac after each turning session.
    _____________________Click on image for larger view.
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    Isn't it amazing to see how much stuff we could be breathing? I replaced the outer filter on my hanging air cleaner last night, and it was pretty nasty, even though I run the DC whenever I'm generating dust. I also blow quite a bit of dust out of the coarse filter on my Trend every time I change the batteries.
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    Thanks for posting that, Chas. If that doesn't make someone think about what we're breathing when turning, and more important when sanding, then nothing will ever get through. Great lesson!
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    Chas thanks for the reminder. When I first started turning I had some problems with what I thought was a cold. Turns out my Doctor told me I could get emphysema from breathing wood dust. Thankfully it cleared up and I don't go in my shop now without the air filter hanging from the ceiling and wearing the trend. It is amazing what is in my air cleaner filters and in the trend filter.
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    Why I bother to wear a dust mask

    A very good reminder as to what we breath when NOT wearing a dust mask of some kind.

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    Very dramatic.
    I'm pretty careless with the mask thing. Will have to change my thinking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    Very dramatic.
    I'm pretty careless with the mask thing. Will have to change my thinking.
    me too!!
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    If you don't wear a mask your lungs show up better on your annual chest x-ray.

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