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Thread: Grandfather Clock Finally Finished !!!

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    Grandfather Clock Finally Finished !!!

    Hello all,
    This is my latest accomplishment. This is a klockit kit that I purchased a couple of months back, more like 6 months but who is counting. Some assembly required but it was a good experience. I used Transtint Dye on the ash wood. I then applied a coat of BLO. I let it dry completely and then used Minwax wipe on poly. Wiped on about 5 coats. The last 3 coats I sanded with 0000 steel wool in between applications. The wipe on poly is so easy to use I am sure that i will be using this method for a while. Mounting and tuning the movement is a challenge and plan on spending the better part of a day tuning it.

    Ok gimme the feedback good and bad.

    Ben Roman
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    Looks very nice, Ben. Great job. My only 'bad' feedback would be that the pics are a bit dark. I took the liberty of lightening a couple of them up a bit so we can see the wood a bit better.

    BTW, I moved this thread over here to the Flatwork Project Showcase, since that's the place to show everyone finished projects. It'll stay on the first page where everyone can see it longer here.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very nice Ben.....but I think you should send it to me so i can have a better look.
    Love the style

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    Ben, that is VERY nice!!

    I've never seen that style of Grandfather clock before, I think I like it!

    I've always wanted to make one, but I never seem to have the time

    I think your pictures do not do justice to the fine work you have done, thanks so much for sharing, and once again, it looks great!
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    Very nice work Ben. I like the style and the finish came out good. This is on my list of future projects. I would be interested in knowing....

    Once you have calibrated the movement, what is your opinion on how well it keeps time?

    Where did you get the kit?

    Were you satisfied with the quality of the kit?

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    Well done. Family will appreciate it for many years.

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    Superfine work Ben - I hope my work looks that good someday!
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    Nice work! I like the style. Is this your design?

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    Good for you Ben, Nice job!
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    Very nicely done, you should be proud to display that

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