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Thread: Wood Selection for Window Trim Question

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    Wood Selection for Window Trim Question

    So, I'd like to trim out some windows in our house and I'd like to do it in a way to add a little character. This is what I'm thinking of doing.

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    No matter what I use, I'll have to be doing some staining/dyeing. I don't think I want to use pine or poplar, and was thinking of going white oak, but that seems like a little overkill.

    Just looking for some suggestions as to what type of wood to use on this.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    I did some for a guy with cedar. He stained it and then marine spar varnished it. Had a nice reddish color. Back befor digital cameras lived in our house. I have seen some done in cherry and maple. Paint grade poplar done in a contrasting color looks nice.

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    mahogany, mahogany, mahogany.

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    there's always the old standby, red oak
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    Alder or butternut.

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    hickory. nice warm color without stain, cheap, dont see alot of it. i love it myself. can be hard to work with.

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    INSIDE Trim??????

    Just about any kind of wood you like.

    I like to match the window itself. I just did the windows inside my house. The windows themselves and wood inside. They are pine. I could have gotten oak - but I donn't have any oak in the house. For the trim I used CLEAR pine - NO knots - not even a hint of knots. In fac I need to tell people that the trim is pine. They look GREAT.

    Look at your house. Look at the windows. Match it all up.

    Walnut is great - Mahogany is Great - so is everything - but match it all up.

    OUTSIDE Trim??? Red oak is not a good choice - it is not rot resistant. White Oak is OK. Cedar is great - primed pine is good. It all depends on the climate too.

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    Historically, just about anything. I've seen just about everything in the homes i've worked on, including one home that used a different wood for each room. The entry parlor used birdseye maple, the dining room had mahogony, maple for the music room, oak for the library, etc - casings, base, crown, built-ins, etc.
    I'd just go with what you like, though it's nice to have something durable. That said, my home's nearly 100 years old, and the original stained pine refinished pretty well. It has its dings and scars here and there, but it still looks great.
    Have fun with it.

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    I'd agree with Leo, match up to what the rest of the house is unless your planning to redo that too. My interior designer (my wife) has a big say and I'd have to get some large samples for her to use and compare things against.

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