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Thread: Loose tenons

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    Loose tenons

    I just ordered the Mortise Pal and a Milwaukee 5615 plunge router to use with it. I recall some discussion of making loose tenon stock in advance and cutting pieces as needed. I assume you rip rectangular pieces with a cross section that reflects the length and width of the mortise, and trim the edges round on the router table. Is there a better or easier way?

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    I don't have an answer for you as I've never done it, but I am interested to know how you like the Mortise Pal once you've worked with it awhile.


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    i've always made my tenons right along with the mortises. but then again, i've never used a loose tenon. i figure thats why god made biscuit joiners...
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    either round over the tennons or square up the mortise. The end do not have to be perfect, as long as the main part is tigth.

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    I mill 2 - 3 foot stock to thickness and then rip to width on the tablesaw. I then round the four long edges with the appropriate radius bit in the router table. I keep a bunch of prepared 'sticks' with the size written on the end in felt pen where I store my dowels. I cut them to length when needed.
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