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Thread: Jewelry Box

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    Jewelry Box

    Here is a jewelry box I made at the request of my brother for his daughter's birthday. She will be 7 years old and is starting to get interested in jewelry. The box is about 6"x12" by 4" deep. Did a little inlay on the top and had a friend laser engrave her name in it. The last one is another box I made while I was at it. That one is hinged on the narrow end, the insides are about the same as the first. The first is maple with a chechen lid. The second is maple with a walnut lid. Inlay material is orange wood.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Anna's jewelry box2.jpg   Anna's jewelry box3.jpg   Anna's jewelry box.jpg   xtra jewelry box.jpg  

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    Very nice boxes Berry! Love the contrast of the wood.

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    They're both great, Barry. Anna's is an instant heirloom. I really like the coved sides. Excellent work.
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    The combination of some very beautiful woods and your artistry makes that box something special. It will be one of her lifetime treasures, for sure. And, being made by her uncle will make it, as said, definitely a family heirloom.
    Is the design on the top symbolic of anything special? Even if not, neat.

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    Very nice work and beautiful designs.
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    Is the design on the top symbolic of anything special?
    No, I just though a flower design would be good for a girl. The other design is just a pattern I put together.

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    Beautiful jewelry box Barry. Anna is going to be one lucky girl. What a great gift.

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    Wonderful work Barry!

    I'm sure you brother and Anna will be very pleased with it!
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    beautiful work, shell be showing that off for the next 150 years.

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    WOW - that is nice.

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