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Thread: Pen Finishing with Medium CA Glue

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    Les, you may yet inspire me to turn a few more pens. Something I have not done for quite a while. Your finishes always look great. Could you possibly go into step by step details as to how you do your finishing? When you say you do 6 coats of poly or CA only, are you rubbing the finish dry on the lathe? How long do you wait between coats? If I remember correctly you have listed a couple of different types of finish on your pens. Do you choose which finish by the pen material? just what's in your shop at the time? or are you still experimenting with different things? Your stuff looks so good I just figured your way past the experimenting stage.

    I have arched my PDF Tutorial for my CA Only finish.

    I tried to post my Tutorial for my Minwax Poly finish but the file is too large for the forum limits.

    I will contact Vaughn to see if he can help.

    These 2 Tutorial should help answer you questions.

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