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Thread: For Darren Wright

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    For Darren Wright

    Your tag line (The difference between 'involvement' and 'commitment' is like an eggs-and-ham breakfast: the chicken was 'involved' - the pig was 'committed'.)

    Reminded me of the old joke about the Pig with the wooden leg.

    A city guy was driving thru the country, when passing by a farm, he sees a pig with a wooden leg in the barn yard. He thinks this is a little weird so he pulls into the driveway.

    He knocks on the door, the farmer comes out, the city slicker says I was passing by and saw the pig with the wooden leg, what's up with that??

    The farmer says let me tell you, that is the smartest pig in the world. One time I was plowing on the side of the hill, the tractor rolled over and trapped me underneath. That pig ran up and rooted around till he got me loose and pulled me out and saved my life.

    The city guy says that's great, but what about the wooden leg??

    The farmer says then there was the time I was in town, the barn caught on fire. that pig got the barn doors open, let all the animals out, dialed 911 with his snout, saved the farm!

    The city guy says that's fantastic, but what about the wooden leg??

    The farmer says well a pig that smart, you just don't want to eat him all at once!!
    Jesus was a Woodworker

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    Thanks Dan...I needed that!

    To a small child, the perfect granddad is unafraid of big dogs and fierce storms but absolutely terrified of the word “boo.” – Robert Brault

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