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Thread: Linda, LOML - August 19, 2009

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    Linda, LOML - August 19, 2009

    First, my apologies to Royal for borrowing and changing his thread title. Our stories are so much alike I did not think he'd mind. He and I, and a few others, have been in contact as this developed. This will serve as an update to them, but news to all others.
    We learned this past week that Linda has contracted a particularly aggressive form of multiple myeloma, a cancer that effects the plasma in the blood. Although treatable, this form of cancer is incurable. This came about very rapidly having not been visible on x-rays taken in March. However, by the end of April an MRI showed multiple tumors on her spine.

    We begin tomorrow with a three pronged approach including IV Therapy, radiation, and steroids. The prognosis for the next 2+ years is good, though a recurrence is inevitable. The primary concern now is to prevent further damage to her spine as every vertebra has a tumor and one has totally collapsed. This seems the be the primary cause of her constant pain. Once the cancer is ‘under control’ spine surgery will follow to try and repair the damage done by the tumors.

    Linda is in good spirits and is up to the fight. Please remember us in your prayers.

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    We definitely will keep your family in our prayers also. My wife works at Providence College & when something like this happens she has her Priest friends say special prayers for them. She will talk to her friends to say some prayers for your & Royalls family.

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    Again, so sorry to hear this. Here's praying that her spirits stay high, and her doctors are skilled and contolled by the hands above. Jim.
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    Dog gone it Rennie, Man this again is tough news. As with Royall and Cathie, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Linda also.

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    I'm very sorry to hear of Linda's problems, you both are in our thoughts and prayers
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    Man this stuff really hits me hard.

    Again - my heart goes out to you.

    Diane suffers with a disability.
    Not always life threatening, but it could take her at any time.

    I pray.

    I know how it hurts.

    For you - I pray.

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    I don't know what to say other than my thoughts are with you two, Rennie.
    Time to go hug my wife.
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    Know that you and Linda will be in my prayers Rennie. My mom has beat cancer 2 times in the last 10 years. Keep your spirits up.


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    Rennie I am so sorry to hear that I hope all goes well...Our thoughts are our prayers will be with you two. Hang in there.

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    We'll keep Linda and yourself in our prayers Rennie. We're here if you need anything at all.

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