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    Book Review

    To be honest, for much other than round over and an occasional dado or two, I haven't used my router for much else in the past couple of years. All of that is about to change (slowly). Today while at the bookstore I came across the book "Router Joinery Workshop". I was impress at the range of topics that the book covered, from the very basics, to jigs, to useful formulas; it was very complete.

    A couple of the jigs that caught my eye were for building a D-Handle type base and a wide ridgid base for rabbeting the backs of boxes. Nothing has been more frustrating than the lack of control I've had when free hand routing, these should do the trick. The author even had step by step tips for building a template for duplicating your screw holes on your router base for quickly making new bases.

    Late this afternoon, to my surprise, I found the author was one of our own, Carol Reed. Wonderful book Carol, thank you for the inspiration. I'm looking forward to building the jigs as well as a couple of the projects in the back.

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    Yep, she may be working on her new calling now, but she'll always be The Router Lady, too.
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    we have alot of talent in this forum and she is one the great ones
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