I have been running the Resaw King on my MM20. I really like how smooth it cuts and how easily it resaws. My buddy has my old Jet 14" with the riser he has yet to install. The band on my Resaw King looks like it would have no issue being tensioned properly on a smaller saw. Then to make it more of an issue, on woodnet Laguna goes and offers up the 3/4" Resaw King for $99 in both the 105" and 93.5" sizes. My buddy is ready to jump on it but I want feedback.

Anyone else running a Resaw King blade on a 14" saw? Is it properly tensioned? Is this worth trying at all. It is just a bit more (2X-3X?) money than some of the better non carbide blades out there. I am thinking the carbide will have some life, be resharpenable, and since he wants to try a carbide blade this is a great deal.

Anyone running one on a 14" saw?