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Thread: recent pieces

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    recent pieces

    hello folks here are some more recent pieces


    spalted beech


    red mallee burr (3/4 special )

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    Beautiful pieces, George. Particulary like the first and last of the pieces shown.
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    beautiful work. Is the first piece decorated with India Ink or a burning tool? I especially like that one.

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    Beautiful work George. The simple lines of the second oak really appeal to me.
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    Nice work George, what hollowing tool are you using?

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    Great stuff, George. I like the carved spalted beech. What tools do you use for your carving work?
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    What can I say BEAUTIFUL

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    Great looking pieces George. Beautiful.
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    thank you for all of your kind comments, they mean allot to me.

    Larry: i use a mixture of hollowing tools

    some home made ellsworth style ones- for working through small holes 5/8" to 1" the shafts are 1/2" silver steel ( i think you guys call it drill rod??) then the tips are glued in with ca and are high speed steel with 10% cobalt

    then heres my main tools- left to right hamlet's big brother shaft but with a little brother tip- then the other three are melvyn firmager's angle tools, which will also work through small holes like the ellsworth but will get me to places the ellsworth cant. the hamlet is for bigger holes and if i can get it in will hollow out the wood very quickly.

    Nathan: it was done with a pyrograph machine- i was going to carry on all the way up but its getting such good commments as it is i might leave it.

    Vaughn: i use a reciprocating proxon carver with flexcut blades to mark out the inital lines then a mixture of rotary burrs in a die grinder and lots of sanding.

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    Those are beautiful pieces... love the forms on all of them.
    I'm not a fan of the pyrography on the first one though... I think it detracted from a beautifully formed piece. The spalted beach is really interesting almost like a garlic bulb... great work.
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