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Thread: First inlay bowl

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    First inlay bowl

    A few things went wrong with this when I was trying to work the base. There are a couple of good knots in the base that did a little catch thing and shot it across the bench. The rim and inlay was re-worked and then the bottom. Only one coat of Wipe-on Poly so far.
    The actual inlay process isn't that bad. Did a recess 1/4" below the rim for whatever reason. Silver maple 8x2.5. Hope it passes and thanks.
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    yup jim i think it needs to be passed on to me the inlay looks fine to me.. do you use epoxy to hold the turguose in suspension to fill your rercess?
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    That's a good looking bowl. I'd also like to know your method of holding the turquoise in place. Very nicely done.
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    Great looking bowl Jim. The inlay really sets it off.
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    very good looking bowl there jim!

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