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    Chain Saw

    The chain saws I make are cut out of a solid block of Pine with my Scroll saw from a pattern by John Polhemus found in the 2003 issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts. Once the chain is removed from the cut block the fun Sorts!!

    You have to use rotary tool with small bits to take the chain apart without braking the links. The handle is cut from a separate piece of Pine.

    I make my Chain Saws various sizes by reducing the size of the original pattern.
    The smaller you make them the harder it is to make the chain without braking the links.
    I have found that the smaller ones sell best.

    As always comments and or suggestions are appreciated.
    Thanks for looking.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Chain Saw (Medium).JPG   Chain Saws (Medium).JPG  
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    We need to give you an appropriate nickname. Sumptin' like 'Mr. Nifty Stuff'.
    Ye come up with the dangest, neat, nifty things. I really enjoy yer posts.

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    I saw the thread title and thought "Aha, Les must have a question about chainsaws, since I'm pretty sure he didn't make one of those on his lathe." Well, I was halfway didn't make your chainsaw on the lathe.

    That's a very neat idea, and it looks like you pulled it off beautifully. Thanks much for sharing the pics with us.
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    some lady strolling threw a sale would snatch that up for her poor hubby as joke gift!
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