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Thread: Finished a couple projects

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    Finished a couple projects

    Had a few hours today of free time and decided to finish a couple bowls and play around.......First pic below is a pc of burl of some type that i had finished turned in one session and put 4 coats of antique oil on, white diamond buff and wax buff. The pc was very big but due to cracks i had to cut it down to this size and turn it. Sure wish it was a big pc i really liked the finish when it was done.
    Pic 2,3,4 were a large pc of some type of pine i think.......finished turned it and sprayed it down lightly with soapy water and put it in a brown bag with the top open and taped across the top. Left to dry for a couple weeks (actually forgot about it until today) opened it up and noticed a crack (small in the bottom) so i enhanced the crack and filled it with powder malichite. On the outside i noticed a crack were the pith was but it didnt crack on the inside as i had put some ca glue drops on it and let it soak in but forgot to do it to the outside ------- so i enhanced the crack there to with my foredom tool and filled it also with malichite powder.........So in the future im thinking that if i saturate the pith well with ca glue and brown bag them i may not get the cracks and can use the pith in the thickness is approx 1/8 top and bottom.........any thoughts ??
    Anybody got any good finishing ideas for light woods like this....pine-Dougfur etc --- besides the blonde look that works well ??
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    That burl is one beautiful piece of wood!
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    Hi Dan having the pith in your piece will always cause issues- soaking it in ca before bagging will help but wont solve it- i somtimes drill the pith out let them dry then plug it, but if i can I will cut my blanks to avoid the pith.

    a nice finish for lighter woods is lemon oil or organoil oil both give a subtle satin finish which i like on light woods.

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    Thank you for the reply on the finish idea.........and agree on the pith but always playing around to see if i can dry one and ensure it does not crack. this one only cracked on the outside where the ca was not applied. Reason is i forgot and possibly it may not have cracked.
    The interesting thing it did do was to bluge out on the outside and on the inside made a slight crater........ill post pictures when finished and thanks again

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