this is how i do my goblets - everyone has there own way- this isnt meant to be "the only way" or "you must do it this way" just a breif guide, as always find which way/tools work for you.

I started with a blank of light coloured Elm 9" long by 2 1/2" diameter

I marked out the bowl section and the base using the golden rule (1/3rd to 2/3 rds) as a guide

heres the bowl roughed out

a bit more defined- at this stage i stop on the outside and hollow out the inside

I use a spindle gouge on its side to hollow out- this bowl is about 3" deep- if your learning i would advise you to not go any deeper than 2" until you get the hang of end grain hollowing.

here it is hollowed out- before sanding

I sand this section now as you cant come back to it once the stem is started- here it is sanded and oiled

I start to shape the stem

here the stem and base are complete

and here it is after being sanded and oiled

and here it is done- i dont revesrse turn goblets - I part them of then clean up the base by hand

I really like this design- i might make several similar to play around a bit more with the proportions though.

I hope this is of some help- any questions just ask, if you dont want to ask here drop me a pm