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Thread: I think I was missed...

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    I think I was missed...

    After my recent trips, my luggage was quite popular...

    that's how I first found him...

    better lighting...

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    Cool looking kitty! The cats we had on the mainland would totally ignore us for two or three hours after we returned from a trip. Then you couldn't keep them off your lap

    What goes around, comes around.

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    One of mine does that while I'm packing to GO on a trip. When I get home, both of them ignore me for a few hours until my "punishment" is over.

    Great picture, Ned. I used to have one just like that.
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    Ain't it the truth! My last cat 'packed' himself as well. Made sure I had cat hair with me wherever I went!

    He'd ignored me when I came home also. One day I figured it out and that stopped. I came in the door and announced I was home and when he was good and ready for a treat from me, fine. Until then I ignored him. After that I got a proper 'welcome' when I came in the door.

    He died last summer while I was on internship. After I get home this spring, I will wander over to the animal shelter and see who is waiting for me.

    BTW, cute kittie, Ned.

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    we have two like that currently, Marco is the much more gregarious of the pair. His brother is a lot more shy/retiring. They were kept busy by my youngest son, so I don't think I was 'missed' all that much. My wife did say that Marco paid more attention to her (normally he doesn't if I'm home). It was only for a couple of days, so I'm presuming they did OK.

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