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Thread: Salvaging veneer

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    Salvaging veneer

    How do I? I have an old "waterfall" dresser with a lot of good veneer, and several projects that need some veneer repair. Sooo.. how do I get the old veneer off the dresser without tearing it up? Soak it with a damp cloth? -worried about warpage. Some sort of solvent? I've tried peeling with a knife, a sharp putty knife and gentle taps, a razor: nothing seems to work too good. Does anyone have some sure-fire suggestions for removing rather large sheets?
    TIA, Steve

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    Hi Steve

    How "Old" is "Old"?

    I wonder, if it is really old, if the glue is "Hide" glue, would the glue soften if you put a wet towel on it, and then pressed a hot iron to it? Maybe the "Steam" setting would work too?

    I did find this online.........

    >> Removing Old Veneer <<

    I hope this helps!
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    Veneer salvage...

    Thanks, Stuart,
    I don't know the age of the dresser, but as it's all wood, no presswood, very little plywood, and the drawer frames are oak (!!), my guess it is from the thirty's-forty's. So I will go with the hide glue method, and see how it works.

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    Also if its hide glue you can us DNA to soften the glue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Caughron View Post
    Also if its hide glue you can us DNA to soften the glue
    Actually, I'd just use a heat gun - or maybe just some warm water, or a small steamer. Hide glue is pretty easy to soften and remove.
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