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Thread: Homemade shop air filter

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    Homemade shop air filter

    I had posted this elsewhere on the net but thought it might be of interest to anyone who hadn't seen it or are new to woodworking.

    I built this shop air filter using plans fom woodsmith #95 provided by friend Jim Young.

    I had an old squirrel cage fan sitting under the bench and some scrap plywood so this shop air filter cost me nothing other than the filters. I misread the directions and made room for a extra filter at both the inlet and exhaust ends of the filter.

    I built this a year ago and it has worked fine for what it was intended to do.
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    Here is my filter system. it has 2 filters in the front & a filter bag system inside from Grizzly along with a 3 speed squirrel cage fan.
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Filter setups look good guys.
    I have a couple of those on my to-do list.

    I see you have your required roll of duct tape there Bart.

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    That is what I need to get done soon. Both yours look great. Thanks for the pics.

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