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Thread: Oh No! I am Cooking!

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    Oh No! I am Cooking!

    Yep Travis is cooking...with an oven and everything. Now for those of you that don't know, my cooking skills are not very good. In fact the last time I cooked it was a disaster. It was of Lamb Casserole and how could anyone mess up a casserole?

    Well the cooking instructions said buy minced meat, at which I did. I followed every instruction to a T but it never said a word about most mince meat being pre-cooked. Apparently they think everyone has gotten that minced meat memo. Sorry I was in diesel tech school when that memo was passed in home economics class! So my casserole came out...well...entirely raw. Despite having lamb in it (insert shameless promotional post for lamb meat here) it did not taste good. I doubt even a coyote would have ate that stuff!

    But today my Grandmother said she wanted Baby Back Ribs, and by golly when my 84 year old Grandmother, who lives by herself right across the road from me wants something, she gets it. After all if it wasn't for her, the farm would have been gone years ago. She's a good woman!

    So what's for supper?

    Well I made some stuff called German Potato Salad which is red potatoes sliced thin and mixed with an assortment of bacon, onions, flour and vinegar, topped with tarragon leaves and a hint of cinnamon. For garnish on that I used fresh slices of lemon arranged on the side and added rosemary springs for color and appeal!

    Next to that is desert. Granted the dessert is pre-bought Tarimsu with fresh whip cream added to the top in a dollop, some tastefully arranged fresh peach slices in a semi-circle with another spring of rosemary added for color and garnish.

    As for the ribs. I used a special marinade that was a few weeks in the making...literally! Now I might not be able to cook but this good ole boy can cook up some mean mash. That was mixed with brown sugar, honey, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg, basted and marinaded for the past 4 hours in the refrigerator. Now the ribs are roasting in the oven as I type this; 20 minutes per side and then will be finished off on the barbecue grill.

    Will it taste okay? I have no idea as I am not a cook, but I am afraid the heat and flames might flash off the mash. We will see if you can still taste it when I am done. I'll try to snap a picture of it too. Even if it does not taste good, it looks good!
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    If nothing else Travis.... It sound great! Keep us posted how it turns out. If grandma asks for it again, you know you did good. Watch out if the response is "interesting, very interesting"

    What goes around, comes around.

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    Travis - let us know the German potato salad recipe if it turns out ok for you all - I like the stuff and my wife says she's willing to give it a whirl if I can find a good recipe.

    I hope the ribs turn out tasty and done the way you're hoping. My wife and I have learned a lot of general cooking skills from Alton Brown's "I'm Just Here for the Food" - this isn't so much a cookbook as it is a cooking book - he goes into the science behind cooking in such a way that I'm happy to read (I'm an analytical chemist) but that my wife also understands (who often says, when asked what I do, "He makes chemistry at the chemistry factory" with a smile).

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    mmmmmm TRAVIS!! your making me hungry. I can almost smell that from here

    As long as theres no Trees, Chainsaws, Power lines, or snowmobiles involved you should be OK
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