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Thread: Pen Press Giveaway! We Have Our Winners!

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    Pen Press Giveaway! We Have Our Winners!

    I messed up the first poll so there was no way to know who had entered. If you were the one person who responded to the original poll. please enter again.

    Hey pen turners...who would like to win a great pen press?

    This pen press (and several others like it) were built and generously donated by a Family Woodworking member who wanted to quietly give something back to the community here. This member would prefer to not make a big deal about his donation, but we'll let the winner(s) of this giveaway know who their benefactor is so they can thank him personally.

    At this point, the forum staff has specific plans for a few of the pen presses, but we have at least two up for grabs, and quite possibly more in the future. So this drawing will have at least two winners, and possibly more.

    Like our previous drawings, here are the particulars:

    1. Our giveaways are "opt in" affairs. Only the members who enter the drawing by answering to that effect in the poll are eligible to win. The poll will be open for a week, and a numbered list will be made of the entrants. We'll use to pick the winning numbers.

    2. Family Woodworking Staff members are ineligible. Sorry Frank. I'm bummed, too.

    3. You must enter to win. If you accidentally voted "No Thanks" or change your mind, send me a PM and I'll get you moved to the right list. This is a new drawing...if you entered another drawing you will not be included in this one unless you enter it.

    4. For each pen press given away, the drawing will be done using a computer-generated random number. That number will be matched to the corresponding entry number. In other words, if 100 people enter the drawing, the number generator will pick a number between 1 and 100. We'll repeat this process for each press we give away. If, by some odd chance, the random number generator picks the same number twice, we'll disregard the second pick and draw again. (In other words, the same person can't win both pen presses.)

    5. The drawing will be done at (or somewhere shortly after) midnight Pacific time on Sunday, May 17th. The winners will be notified via e-mail and PM, and will have 48 hours to claim the prize. If a prize remains unclaimed, it's back to the random number picker to find another name. Once the winners are confirmed, the prize will be sent to the address the winner specifies.

    Many thanks to [a member we'll just call Joe] for the generous donation, and good luck to you all!
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    thanks for the generosity looks like you dun a very fine job on them
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    Wow nice lookin pen press, nice thing to give them back to the family, and a real generous donation from whoever did the donation
    I opted "no thanks" not being a turner and all, so good luck to you turners

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    Someone indeed did a very good job on these. Unfortunately, like Tom, I'm not a turner so I wouldn't be able to use this. Whomever gets them though will get a great additional to their pen making setup. Also, thanks to the FWW management team for making this available.

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    Count me in! I'll even pay the shipping over here! Thanks to the great person that wants to do this

    What goes around, comes around.

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    Now I am very confused! I voted YES the first time I saw a poll.

    Am I supposed to say YES here now? If so, YES!!
    Mack C. in Brooklin ON
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    Many thanks to that anonymous donor! I'm no turner so I won't enter the draft but I hope that the member that gets it makes great use of it
    Best regards,

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    Pen Press Giveaway! Take II

    Yeah, I'm with Mack. I opted in the first time and did again this time. Looks like a nice press. My thanks to our benefactor.

    Royall, if we win, we can share.

    Aloha, Tony
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    I voted "yes" but please remove my name. I'll never use that and it should go to someone who will.

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