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Thread: The taming of the ... shed?

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    The taming of the ... shed?

    OR - How *I* spent mother's day with the LOML - ned's was better :P

    Oofta ...

    My weekend was far more productive than I was expecting it to be. Last Wednesday, my boss and I found a great deal on lots of 2x4 studs from craigslist. We picked up 160 12' and 180 8' - the 12's went for $300 total and the 8's went for $225 .. I picked out 30 of each for this shed I'm building ...

    So Thursday night, I'm out in the shop with Jane and we're rearranging some stuff so that the two sheds this new one will replace can be emptied and their contents stored in the shop while we build. Well we got room cleared for the lumber shed and called it a night.

    Friday, we went out to dinner with my friend Gary. I needed to borrow his big framing nailer and it was a good excuse to have dinner. Anyway ...

    Gary calls me up bright and early on Saturday morning. "When are we gettin' started?" he says. So instead of my leisurely paced shed emptying, we got the lumber shed emptied and taken down in about 2 hours. The garden shed was emptied quickly and moved out of the way. Site was cleared.

    Off to the Despot to pick up some lumber I couldn't fit on my trailer. Gary talked me into buying the sheathing that day, too. So we hauled all that home and got to work...

    In about 3 hours time, we had one wall complete and a 2nd wall framed and ready for sheathing. I was beat so we unloaded the rest of Gary's truck and called it a night.

    Yesterday, I got up and went to town. This time I had a whole day, and even without Gary, Jane and I managed to get all 4 walls erected, braced and connected to one another including the double top plate. One rigid box, done.

    I'm still pretty tired from bein so outta shape - but i'm proud to have gotten as far as we did.

    Check out the pics, here:
    Jason Beam
    Sacramento, CA

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    Whoa! Jason! That's a shed? Looks more like an Orgonne Accumulator!

    I swear, it's better built than my *house*!



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    Looking good Jason

    On the "Out of shape" thing, it is amazing how all them muscles we don't use on a regular basis can hurt so much when we do get around to using them again

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    Jason, way to go! I'm having sheathing envy here... Great job! What kind of roof are you going to slap on that puppy?

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    The roof is a funny story ...

    This shed is basically half of my future "garage extension". So this iteration will have a shed-style roof that matches the pitch of the garage. Then, when phase II commences, it'll be a mirror of this shed, which will then completely match the roofline of the garage.

    Then ... by the magic of television cooking shows everywhere - this shed will get insulated and become my finishing room while phase II shed will become storage. It sounds all sorts of weird, but it truly is genius, I promise!

    The sheathing is interesting - it was only about $1.50 more per sheet than the regular OSB, so i went with it. Knowing that one day I'll probably be at least finishing part of it, the radient barrier can only help
    Jason Beam
    Sacramento, CA

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    So....we now have Jason 2 sheds Beam as a member.

    [for those who remember Monty Python]

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