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Thread: dogwood bowl

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    bethel springs TN, but was born and raised in north east PA

    dogwood bowl

    I know my stuff don't compare with most here but, as i,ll never get where ya'll are with out trying.This is a piece i ruffed out about a week or more a go.It's dogwood burl about 41/2x2.The rim kept wanting to fall apart so i finilly just left it a little on the natural side.Wish i could afford a better camera, maybe the pics would of come out better.
    Thanks and all comments welcome.Steve
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    that was some sharp lookin dog wood there,, and it looks nice settun on top of the glass base.. the finish looks like it turned real nice..
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    Cute bowl. Nice finish.
    I won't comment on the photography.

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    Looks to me like you did a fine job, Stephen. That's some wild-looking wood, and your bowl came out looking nice.

    What kind of camera are you using? Maybe one of us here might be able to help you get better pics with that you've already got.
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    Nice little bowl, Steve!

    I have one very similar to your's in size out of Dogwood (not burl) and my wife still uses it to keep some of her jewelry in on top of her chest of drawers.
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    bethel springs TN, but was born and raised in north east PA
    Thanks all.Vaughn all we got is a old kodak easyshare c310. as i'm not very good at any kind of electronics not sure what if any thing i can do.Heck i still type with 1 finger and that takes forever.Any help ya can give would be much appreciated.

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    Good looking bowl out of some very nice wood.
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    Nice looking bowl Stephen, I think you did a fine job.

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    Very nicely done Stephen!
    Great looking piece.

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    Very nice bowl... I like the "natural" aspect of it...
    I picked up some dogwood a while back and have been playing with it... it's nice wood to turn. I turned a nice little natural edge bowl about 7 in diameter... as it dried it warped into a very nice oval..
    7 1/4 x 6 1/2 and about 2 inches high with the bark all around the rim and looked like it was staying on.... rigged it up to take the tenon of the bottom and promptly cut the bottom out of it... didn't realize I was so thin on the bottom

    Now that the rains have stopped for a couple of days, maybe I can get some finish on the wood...
    Tellico Plains, TN
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