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Thread: Craftsman Farms - Morris Plains NJ

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    Craftsman Farms - Morris Plains NJ

    Geez -

    A few days ago we received a flyer from Frederic Ducklow CO. (sp) a seller of fine furniture. We stopped ages ago in their Portland PA store and signed the mailing list.

    I pointed out some Stickley Furniture in the catalog/flyer that I liked to LOML. She says - oh , maybe we should go to the Stickley House in Morris Plains NJ (15 minutes away). I had NO IDEA it was there!

    They (Craftsman Farms) have a busy event schedule over the summer and I'll have to look into going and looking around. I need some inspiration!

    Has any of the east coast contingent been?

    Link to the site:


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    Never been to the Craftsman farms but if you like Stickley furniture, the Riordan House in Flagstaff AZ is awesome. There are even a few pieces of Harvey Ellis. If you have not been the next time you get out west it is definitely worth the stop.

    I am a craftsman furniture freak. It does not hurt that I have two Craftsman homes one from a Stickley plan.

    Sounds like you are going to have a fun trip.


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    I found out there was such a place AFTER I moved 2400 miles away.
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    I have not been there, but will look into it when I cross the river.

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    I though I'd drag this post out of 2009 and into the present.

    LOML and I went to Craftsman Farms today and took the guided 11:15 AM tour. Since we were the only 2 people on the tour it was nice as we could interact with the docent on a more personal level.

    The tour centers on the family home and the immediate grounds around the home. The house was sold furnished to a family when Stickley went bankrupt and it remained in their family for a LONG time.

    At this time they said that they have about 80% of the original furnishings and some of the stories are fantastic on how the furniture was donated or came back on loan to the Farm.

    I enjoyed the visit and we will keep an eye on their calendar for other events.

    In Syracuse some descendants of Gustav Stickley have a museam with tours. Nexttime we pass thru we might need to investigate.


    Jim Mattheiss

    PS: I have just determined that the Nakashima studio in New Hope PA with self guided tours on Saturday afternoon. I'm 99% sure we drive past the studio on the way to Rice's Market in New Hope (a flea market).

    They also have guided tours that need to be scheduled in advance for groups of 10-30 with a $20 per head donation to Nakashima Foundation for Peace.

    That might be next up on my North East WW Tour . . .

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