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Thread: Ding Dong Fedex arriving

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    Ding Dong Fedex arriving

    My new 2 1/4 HP router arrived about 20 minutes ago. This is the promo for purchasing the 12" SCMS on 3/27/09.

    I think this will be my secondary router table router. I have the M12V in the left TS wing. It will free up my 1 3/4 Hp PC router from the table for hand held use.

    Now I have 1 PC 690 fixed speed with 3 bases, 1 PC 690 variable speed which I can use in any of these bases, the Hitachi M12V & the M12VC as well as a old Rockwell metal cased laminate trimmer & a 18V Ryobi trimmer & 2 1/4" routers a Sears & a Black & Decker.

    In the TS wing pic it also shows a clamp on wing extension white in color.

    The other pic is my $20 Rockler table which is where I plan to put the Hitachi router.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Hitachi router.jpg   routers 1.jpg   A1 myshop 127.jpg   Router Raiser 2.jpg   routers 2.jpg  

    routers 4.jpg  
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    only 8 routers?

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    NICE! I need to get a good router to put into a router table I'm getting ready to build.
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    Thats how many I'll have again when ever mine arrives from Hitachi.
    I gave one of my routers to a neighbor that is going to be doing a little home improvement .

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