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Thread: Stripped gibs?

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    Question Stripped gibs?

    Yesterday I was trying to do a few hundred fet of RO and pretty much killed be jointer. I was half way thru the p[ile when the bearings startd to complain about being over worked. As I was finishing that board The noise started to changed, then it happend. A chunck of my table went flying off the back of the jointer and on of the blades came lose. It was a nice 6" jointer but being as it is very old and now needs ne bearings and the gibbs repalced I am thinking of just adding it to the list of Items that need to be upgraded. Is it feasable to get gibb screws that are larger to fix the stripped out holes? The way this past week went I am getting ready for a vaction.

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    you can't heli-coil it?

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    Havent messed with it yet. Was thinking of fixing it asnd listing it on owwm forum. It really does not get used much anymore. Maybe tommrow, if I get time I will pull it apart.

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