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Thread: Something for the NM Guys

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    Something for the NM Guys

    Greg Cook's storm pics from Seattle prompted me to post a few pics a buddy of mine sent from Albuquerque this week. As Jesse Cloud has pointed out a few times, the area around Albuquerque has gotten more snow than they've had for decades, so it's an unusual event.

    My buddy Jeff has a good eye for carving (he does wood gnomes), and he started out making a snow monster in the yard, and ended up with Nanook of the North. Here's the story he told me:

    I was thinking about my 8th grade social studies class where we saw a movie called Nanook of the North. It got me to thinking about eskimos...and one thing led to another (I guess I should just stay away from the snow shovel in the future). I think I freaked out a woman who was skiing past my house. I turned from this giant head I was carving as she was passing (I had a huge butcher knife in my hand). She swiftly turned around and went back the way she had come.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    He apparently inspired the neighnor kids, because they built an igloo, and even spent the night in it the first night:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here in SoCal, we've had some very high winds and a bit of damage, but today it's sunny, calm t-shirt weather. The only real evidence of the winds last night was that a dozen or so oranges had been pre-harvested and were waiting for me on the ground this morning.
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    Pretty cool!

    I'm tempted to send those to my sister in Colorado, but I don't want to get her started!

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    Very talented guy....and a funny story about the lady! I sure hope they get back to normal weather soon.

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    Great pics Vaughn. Your friend is very talented.
    We still have several inches in the yards and the streets are almost clear.
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    Hey Bruce,
    Well, they turned off the snow machine, and we got some serious melting, now the MUD MACHINE is cranking up. I suspect NM is even less prepared to deal with mud than with rain. And all my wood is going crazy, after getting comfortable in less than 10 per cent humidity, now the GaShop is about 70 percent. Already beginning to feel a little mildew behind the earlobes - I better go find a good hot bowl of posole!

    At least I'm getting some insight into one of the deep questions - which is worse shoveling snow or sanding walnut I sand until shovelling seems better, then shovel until sanding looks good

    Hang in there everyone with crazy weather

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Crazy weather for sure.

    Wouldn't bother me if I never seen snow and ice again.

    Heard colorado had a major snow slide yesterday, covering up, knocking cars off the road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse Cloud View Post
    - I better go find a good hot bowl of posole!
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm posole
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