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Thread: oil for vacuum pump

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    oil for vacuum pump

    My Gast vacuum pump has a glass reservoir on the side for oil. The level marker shows the oil to be a little bit low. What kind of oil is used for a pump like this?

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    It's called vacuum pump oil. If you go to an air conditioning supply house they'll have it. When you store it, make sure you keep it capped tightly. You don't want moisture to get into the oil - if it does, the pump will not pull as good a vacuum. That's usually the reason you change it in the pump.

    The reason A/C places carry this is because when you break into a freon line (meaning cut the line for some reason, such as installing a new condenser unit), you have to evacuate the line before putting new freon in.

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    Try this link

    If that doesn't work just go to McMaster Carr and type Vacuum Oil in the search bar or page 2137 at or near the bottom of the page.


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    I wrote Gast tech support. The response said to use Gast AD220 oil or a proper subsitute. They said a good sub. is straight 10W detergent motor oil. Straight is prefered to a multi-viscosity oil but something like 10-20 can be used. Do not use synthetics as they gunk up.
    They gave an expanded explanation of subs. If anyone wants, I'll post the entire letter here.

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