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Thread: Honorable Mention - adding picture with ribbon

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    Honorable Mention - adding picture with ribbon

    I did a little local art show this past weekend... Art in the Park at Lenoir City. I was supposed to be in the park along the creek, but with the weather being what it is, they had a contingency plan for if it rained... it rained, so we went to the local municipal building and set up in a gym. Sales were very soft, I sold two peppermills and a bowl, but over all I would call it a success. Lots of complements from the other artists and customers, plus it was a judged show and I wound up with an honorable mention for one of my pepper mills. I actually made the mill last fall.
    My wife made a picture of the mill with the ribbon attached, but she jiggled the camera and the picture was a bust... oh well. Another artist also took a picture and since he's a photographer artist, I expect I'll get a good picture from him.
    Here's a picture of the pepper mill without the ribbon.
    Nice thing is the award also comes with a small check that will cover the booth/entry fee - so all sales can go directly to the pocket book.

    Edit in: A friend sent me his picture of the peppermill with the ribbon.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 34-391.JPG   34-391-2.JPG   34-391-3.JPG   IMG_4581.JPG  
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    Congrats Chuck! Please post the pic with the ribbon when you get it!
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    Contratulations, Chuck. The pepper mill is beautiful, and we're looking forward to a picture of the ribbon.
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    Congrats Chuck. Beautiful peppermills.
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    Contratulations, Chuck. That's a lovely pepper mill.
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    Congrats Chuck.

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    good deal chuck
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    Great looking mill!!

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    Alright! Any ribbon with a check attached is a good ribbon. Congrats.
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    Way to go.
    The judges know good stuff when they see it.
    Nice work.

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