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Thread: Antiques Roadshow finds

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    Antiques Roadshow finds

    Don't know where else to put this, so I'll put it here.

    I just got through watching the newest episode of Antiques Roadshow, and there were a couple of really interesting things on the show tonight.

    First, a lady brought in a table that she purchased directly from George Nakashima about 40 years ago. She said that she met with him and selected the wood for the table, and she had the original sketch and estimate for the table. She paid him $630 for the table. The appraiser estimated the auction value at $30-40,000.00!

    Another gentleman brought in a tool chest that an ancestor had made and used in Chicago in 1873, while he was working as a carpenter after the Chicago fire. In the chest was a Sandusky plane. It retailed for about $11.50 then. The appraiser estimated its current value at $10,000, if not more. It was in mint condition.

    It's episode #273, Hartford (CT) #2. If you have a chance to watch it, do so. It was a great episode.
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    I love that show Nancy and it really is need what people can find.

    My wife and I recently applied to the website and we were selected to attend the Alantic NJ Antiques Roadshow and so now we are deciding what we are going to bring for appraisal. I am going to see my Grandmother who has everything she ever had in her entire 84 year life. That line of the family goes way back and the amount of antiques she has in that house is astonishing. I am hoping she can find something of the colonial era and we can have that appraised while at the show. The challenge is finding an item that is of that era, and yet reasonably small since we have to be traveling so far south to attend.

    What a great show though!
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    Nancy, just saw that show last night by chance!!!!! Yep, a carpenter's chest with the tools. Amazed that guy and really raised the value of the chest. The table, the appraiser really didn't seem to understand that she picked one board and the guy sawed it to "bookmatch" it. To bad the builder has to be dead to be "THE" builder of choice for collectors. But 600 for a table 40 years ago wasn't chump change either.

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    When I saw that table I told LOML it would be $25,000... at least. I was surprised at how high it was. I've never really cared for GN's stuff.

    I thought the last sculpture that appraised for $120K was neat. It's always better TV when the folks have no idea what they've got.

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    We have been to two Antique Roadshows. The first was in Hot Springs, Arkansas and we had a great time. The second was in Chicago and was a total nightmare. A volunteer roughly handled a small antique china doll that had been in my family for generations and broke it. And, she had been told, several times, by me to not touch it.
    The show organizers will tell you there is a two item limit. In actuality, the appraisers have no interest or concern as to how many things you bring.
    If you are a collector, you will probably discover that you may be fairly 'expert' in determining values. Do not take what you are told as gospel. Appraisers opinions can be wrong and vary from one to the next. I have a set of two souvenir books from the 1938 Olympics (Jesse Owens and Hitler). A book appraiser gave them a $40.00 value. A sports memorabilia appraiser gave them a minimum of a $400.00 value.
    Be prepared to stand in line a long time. Many folks use hand carts or wagons to carry their items. I used a child's wagon to hold my cannon. You will see a lot of really strange items brought in by other collectors.
    Since you won't be in Chicago, I'm sure you will have a great time. It's an experience, fer certain, fer sure.

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    My Grandmother/Grandfather were antique collectors/refinishers. began with her parents furniture around 1918,if I recall... I lived with 'em for many years. ate/sleeped/played on/ did homework on antiques.... I appreciate what people see in 'em, but I shake my head about what values they put on 'em on that show.I appreciate the craftsmanship more than the entrensic value, and wonder what the makers would say if they were here to see their work go for more money than they earned in a life time. I bet they'd be flabergasted....
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    Great show Nancy. I just love to watch it.

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