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    Question Bottle stoppers

    Turned about 10 bottle stoppers. Real nice looking but this evening I had an opportunity to use one -- They do not seal the bottle. The 3rd O-ring goes into the bottle top and is loose and the bottle top looks standard size.. I typically just shove the original cork back in.. Looks like this is what I will have to do and use the turned stoppers as a pretty desk thing..

    These are Ruth Niles stoppers -- is this normal...

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    That is not normal. Ruth designed these to fit most average bottles. This must be above average ;-))
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    Sounds like you have to check some more bottles. I have never done any of that style so I am no help. When I do stoppers, I use the silicone ones from CSUSA. I'm too cheap to buy the stainless ones.

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    I went to cork or silicon because I found all bottles are not the same.
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    The only bottle stoppers I've ever tried are the stainless ones from Arizona Silhouette. They seem to work fine.

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