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Thread: New TS Fence w/Router Fence Attachement

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    New TS Fence w/Router Fence Attachement

    Last summer I bought a new saw and sold my router fence with the old saw (Craftsman 22124 hybrid), and am just now getting around to finalizing a new router fence. My new Shop Fox W1677 came with a Shop Fox Classic Fence (Biese clone). It functioned as well as my Biese but I didn't like the thin UHMW plastic faces, the bolt holes in the faces, or the feel of the handle,etc...mostly personal preference stuff.

    Anyway, I found a nice deal on a Jet Exacta II fence with a microadjustment, and the option of adding a router fence attachment that replaces one of the original fence faces and attaches right to the fence tube. This is essentially the same fence as the HTC fence, and it fits directly onto the Shop Fox rails....$95 shipped for the fence, $130 shipped for fence and router fence. I replaced the stock plywood faces that came with the router fence, and added my own 5" tall PVC faces to the router fence. It's 40" long and only ~ 6" deep. So far I'm pretty happy with both the new TS fence and router fence setup. Still need to adjust how much the dust port drags, but so far so good.

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    That's a cool setup, Scott. I don't think I've seen that router fence add-on before. Looks like it'll work great.
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    That's pretty sweet Scott. I had never seen that item before.
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