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Thread: Box Elder Burl NE Hollow Form

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    Box Elder Burl NE Hollow Form

    Here's the other piece that came from the box elder burl Curt Fuller sent me. More of the story is here. It's about 5 3/4" across and 3 1/4" high. It has the same finish as the bowl...Formby's Tung Oil Finish buffed with tripoli and Renaissance wax.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's different, but LOML likes it. Next time I have a similar piece I think I'll try to do a smooth top with a spiked collar. As I mentioned in another thread, doing so with this one would have left it shorter than I wanted. (I would have had more depth on this one if I wasn't such a chicken with the McNaughton rig. I just didn't want to risk messing up the mother bowl.)

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    Super job Vaughn, I like all the spikes on top. How thin are the sides?

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    Very Cool !
    Don Orr

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    I am not your LOML but I like it also...
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    Vaughn you are the maestro. Great piece. Top reminds me of an Amethyst crystal when the rock broken open shows the crystal. This might be a nice piece to dye with color.

    Thanks for the comprehensive answers on the previous post.

    A thought that has occured to me about turning in general is that people looking to acquire a piece such as this one, have no idea of the skill and complexity of making it. Just having made simple things I have a much greater appreciation of all the craftsmanship never mind artistic talent that goes into a beautiful turned piece.

    For those that sell their work, I suggest that this is something that needs to be conveyed somehow to the purchases in order to enhance the appreciation of the object. Probably applies to all woodworking.

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    Of all the hollow forms I have seen - I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like this! Love the texture of the piece! Beautiful HF Vaughn!

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    Oh, Man, that is a gorgeous piece of wood, Vaughn. You did a beautiful job of finding that form in it. Great job, Vaughn.
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    Boy o Boy, you keep turning some really beautiful pieces. I really like this one.

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    Don't think I have seen a burr worked like this before and I can't understand why as it's really effective. I don't get my hands on many myself (more's the pity) but if I do this is something I certainly would be proud to do.


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    Beautiful Vaughn. I have really never saw anything like it.
    Bernie W.

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