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Thread: Tool handles

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    Tool handles

    I have question regarding the handles of turning tools.

    Does it make sense to turn some longer handles for ones turning tools given the relatively short handles that are shipped with the cheaper sets of tools?

    If so how long would you make the handles?

    I found the handles on my tools short on providing leverage but I would presume there is a balance here of some sort.

    Probably over thinking this one again.

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    I personally prefer the longer handles.. I have some shorter handled that I use occasionally, but have reached conclusion that I need to re-do the handles... I don't think balance will be a factor.
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    Nothing wrong with making new handles to fit you hands, I very much doubt the ones that came with the tools fit your hands, but you could get lucky with it I guess.

    I like having various handles on various tools, it is easier for me to see, at a glance, which tool is which.

    This is also a good project for you to do, kind of personalizes you tools

    >> Here is how I do the handle thing <<

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    Ron I re-turned several of my tool handles to 14" to 18". I like mine longer and have good leverage with them.
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    For some tasks, I find a short-ish handle is handy, but in for the most part I prefer longer handles, too. A lot depends on what you're turning. For pens and bottle stoppers you probably don't need or want 24" handles, but on a big piece the extra length helps a lot. If your handles feel short, try making one or two longer ones to see if you like the difference.

    Do keep in mind that a lot of leverage issues can be solved by having the tool rest as close as possible to the piece you're turning. Also, as you gain experience with different cuts, you'll find ways to present the tool to the wood to minimize the strain on the tools (and the wood).
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