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Thread: Good 41/2

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    Good 41/2

    I'm asking if anyone knows of a 41/2 grinder that you don't need welding gloves to hold after two mins use or doesn't self destruct after a few uses. I realize none are going to be cool when in use but I had melted plastic . I've had mostly cheap o's but now I need to spend the money on a good one, please any suggestions would help. I need one asap.

    Thanks Bill
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    i use`ll freeze your hand after 15-20 minutes.
    for `lectric i use bosch now and have used milwaukee, no complaints with either.
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    Loml bought me my 4-1/2" grinder from harbor freight about 4 years ago and it didn't even get warm when I was cutting out my cyclone pieces last night. I even used a 7" flap disc on it. never a problem fron it. I think it is a chicago electric.

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    Alan, I have a DeWalt angle grinder that has worked great so far. I initially used it to clean untold layers of paint off of a 10x8' concrete porch. Never had a problem with it getting hot, and it survived to work on many more projects. I think it was about $100. Don

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    I stand corrected on the make of the angle grinder I have is a Clarke. Don't know if it matters but it was only $40, doesn't get hot. I use it for welding, cutting stone, cutting out metal parts. It's one of those go to tools I have.

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    I have the Craftsman 4 1/2" Industrial angle grinder it has held up well & can run on 110V as well as 12V. We used them in a shop working with light & heavy metal & they took a real beating & kept on working.
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    Mine is one of the Ridgid units. Was about 90.00 IIRC. It is reported to be made by or at least parts of it by Metabo. The head units look identical. Motor parts slightly different. It has worked well. My first one was a no name my Dad got me, don't know from where...probably at a mobile parking lot tool sale. I had used it some sanding down the fascia at the old house prior to painting. While on a 6' ladder sanding, it literally caught fire! I of course dropped it immediately, singing some of the grass.
    The Ridgid has held up great, and though it does get warm to the touch, it is just the normal heat from using it. Jim.
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    I've been happy with my Makita angle grinders. I used to have 4" and 4.5", now I just have the 4" - traded the 4.5" for something else.

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    I'm embarrassed to admit mine's a Black and Decker that I got for about $40 a few years ago. I bought it for one project, figuring if I wore it out is would be no big loss. So far, it's been a real trooper for me. I haven't had a need to use it for long periods of time, but I don't notice it getting hot, and I've yet to bog it down while using it. I wouldn't necessarily recommend one to someone else, but I've been pleasantly surprised at how it has performed.
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    4" Makita grinder and it holds up very well.

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