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Thread: Picture frame

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    Picture frame

    Hi all!

    My daughter does stained glass work and asked me to make her a frame with a "tropical look". I came up with this idea while cleaning up some scraps of SYP.

    Each segment of end grain is cut to 4 1/2 degrees on both sides times 40 pieces equals 360 degrees. After numerous flip-flops of each piece to try to create a wave pattern, I glued it together with a big hose clamp. Then I made an edge band of brass and heated it up so I could shrink fit it to the frame.

    The inside dia. is about 17 1/2" and outside 20". The finish is a couple of coats of Watco oil, the end grain really sucks it up, and about 5 coats of blond shellac with 400 grit wet sand between each coat.

    I expect she will try something oval next... just to keep me on my toes.
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    Wow, I'm amazed that you were able to get that to close with no gaps considering that even 1/8 of a degree off per side would have added up to 10! Did it take a lot of hand fitting and sanding to get it all together?
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    Nope, that was just a lumber yard 2X6 that I cut a chunk out of. Ran it through the jointer to get the angles. After the pattern suited me I clamped it dry and every few days snugged the clamp a little more. Construction lumber runs higher in moisture content and by continuing with the clamping for about 2 weeks I think I coaxed the pieces to fit together. When the time came to glue it up it almost fell into place.

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    well thats a fine job of coaxin and i think that an oval would be no problem fer ya
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    What a very cool idea. I think you captured what she was after.
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    You both did good!! Must be New Jersey waves... here they are blue.
    Your daughter got the orchid and the plumeria blossoms perfect and with nice solder lines.

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    Very nice work on both the frame and what's in it.
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    All I can say Roger is that is awesome looking.

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    That is most cool! The grain pattern and fit--wow! I some how think there may be some very similar frames being done around here.


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    beautiful work roger!!
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