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Thread: Garage Door Finished Opening size + More

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    Question Garage Door Finished Opening size + More

    Hi everyone.

    I am in the midst of building a Pole Barn Garage. My Door openings are 16 X 8 and 9X8.

    The slab was just poured last thrusday. The threshold appears level, when I put a level on it, it is 1/8 of a bubble over 16 feet. one side is 96 and the other 94 3/4. This is done with a string level over the 16 ft.

    How much adjustment is there when installing a door bottom. I have installed them before, but the bottom never seemed to be this far off.

    Also, what is the finished size that I want for those size doors. Should the rough opening be 16 X 8 and 9 X 8 then the 3/4 trim all the way around? Plus the gasget door sealer on sides and top.

    I am perplexed.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    By the way, I have NOT installed the headers yet. That is what prompts this question.


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    The bottom gasket should take up that 1" gap. Not sure of the framing.

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    Thank you Al. I got a personal reply from another member who addressed that part of it as well.

    This must have been a hard question...

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    Unbelieveable. I just got out my Electronic Water Level with 50' of hose. I had forgotten I had purchased it on Ebay 6 months ago in anticipation of building this pole barn. Set it up and contrary to my string level. My floor is level and the top course of purlins are now level over the doors and the jack studs underneath the headers are all exactly 96" and headers are exactly level.

    I have been fussing and fretting because of that darn string level and over 36' it was an 1 1/4" low. When I bring it up to the new water established level it shows level there too.

    My recommendation after this, I will not trust string levels again.



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