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Thread: Happy Memorial Day to all in the USA

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    Happy Memorial Day to all in the USA

    Hi All in the USA

    On this your Memorial Day I thought you would like know there are people all over who take time to remember your service men for all the good they have done in the past and are still doing and will be doing in the future.

    Coming from a family that has a history of having served their country at a time of need, I fully appreciate the huge sacrifices these citizens have made for causes that benefit all.

    So while enjoying a day of if you get one, take time out to think of those who serve in all the wings of the various services that contibute to make our lives what they are.

    If you see a vet today wish him well and thank him.

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    Thanks Rob,

    Though I never served my dad and 3 of his brothers retired from 3 different branches of the military. To all who are serving now or have served thank you for your service and sacrifice to our country.

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    Thanks Rob. Like you I come from a family with a long history of military service, though not all of it was by choice. Both my grandfathers served during WWI. My dad and my uncle on my dad's side served in WWII. My dad served again during the Korean war but that was mostly because the judge said you can either do a year in jail or a year in the army.

    I served during the first Gulf war though I joined long before hostilities broke out. I figured I'd been in 4 years and we'd been involved in a coup attempt (the Philippines), two military actions (Haiti and Panama), and an out and out war (the Gulf war). I figured I'd better get out before my bad temper got us into a nuclear war.

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