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Thread: Tips or ideas required for sanding

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    Tips or ideas required for sanding

    Hi All

    Over the weekend LOML and i tackled the bi annual deck rejuvenation project.

    This is a fairly large deck and we got the flat part sanded and stained.

    Its Cedar by the way.

    Now we are on to the railings and this evening at supper LOML says surely there is a quicker easier way to sand all the individual railings why dont you ask the forum.

    I have an assortment of small sanders but none can reach in between and we really need to sand on the sides of the railings.

    I made up a rasp with a piece of wood, foam backing, sandpaper and some duct tape but its still very slow going and there are dozens of these straight balustrades to be sanded.

    Any ideas of how to get in between and sand quickly and efficiently. The distance between the railings/balustrades is about 3 inches.

    So I am open to your ideas and experiments.


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    Why are you sanding it? I just pressure wash the wood, let it dry then paint stain it.

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    you can bolt a piece of metal to a fien sander and use psa paper.
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