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Thread: Gorilla glue and planer knives

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    Gorilla glue and planer knives


    I'm "helping" a friend laminate up a couple of beams out of 11' 2x6s. The lamination is 4 boards thick. He "checked" all the boards before he brought them over, they are all straight.

    Yeah, well, I got 2 put down on the bench, put the third on the stack and it was bowed way too much to clamp straight. And of course it touched the glue on the other board.

    So I set it aside and was able to glue up the rest of the lamination with other boards.

    I can solve the problem by breaking down the bowed board, jointing and then cutting the ends square, I can use this broken down board inside the stack where the largest butt seams will be hidden.

    But I've got to clean off that board. Will gorilla glue mess up my planer knives? Should I sand it off instead?

    Thanks for the advice


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    Hey Jay,
    I've never run gorilla glue thru a planer, but I would fear that it would 'gum up' the works. It cuts easily, but its kinda like styrofoam - all fluffy and sticky. You might at teast scrape the bulk of it off before planing.

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    Dunno. But take a cheap $3 scraper and clean it up.
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Never used the gorilla stuff

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    I've made lots of laminations using gorilla glue and run them through my planer with no obvious ill effects.
    Just scrape off the worst of the glue to make feeding easier, as long as it's fully cured it just seems like soft plastic and the planer spits it out easy enough.



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    I could say something tacky like "Gorilla glue is like foam and doesn't hold anything" but the bottom line is that I wouldn't hesitate to run it through my jointer or planer. As with anything, I would scrape off the thick part first...
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    Gorilla glue if dry isn't hard on the knives. Done it lots. Also ran it through the drum sander and it isn't hard on paper, either. Not like dried epoxies.

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    it planes and sands well dry....i wouldn`t put it through a machine wet...tod
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